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  1. Managing Director
    Senior Chapter Director      Linda Snyder Cell:  334-219-1862 [email protected]
  2. Managing Director
    Asst Chapter Director & Chapter Ride Coordinator Bob & Evelyn Johnson 334-864-1517 Email: [email protected]
  3. Managing Director
    Treasurer         Sue Jackson Cell:  706-326-8546 [email protected]
  4. Managing Director
    Asst-Chapter Director         Ray & Cindy Ericsson Cell:  706-718-9498 [email protected]
  5. Managing Director
    Membership Enhancement Coordinators Jimmy and Julie Shirah jnj7117 al [email protected]
  6. Managing Director
    Asst Chapter Ride Coordinator Jim Jackson
Thanks for stopping by the AL-M website.  Please follow AL-M in it’s rides and tours.  We are all about riding, eating, sipping “sweet-tea”, slurping ice-cream, checking out BBQ joints and having fun riding the 2-wheelers or 3-wheelers that we all enjoy.

​AL-M was chartered in 1986 in Opelika, AL by a group of Gold Wing riders, riding at the time, GL1000’s, GL1100’s and GL-1200’s.  The GL1500 or GL1800 wasn’t around at the time.  We have several of the original Charter-Members still active with the Chapter.  We are 30 years old as of Mar ’16
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1st Saturday
Eat 6 pm (Eastern Time)
Meet 7 pm (Eastern Time)

Buffet City
2401 10th St,
Phenix City, AL 36869