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Chapter Visitation Program

Introduction from District Directors:
This is a really good program that EVERYONE in your chapter can participate in, including the members who no longer ride but still participate. Please take this to heart and get your chapter participating this year. All it takes is visiting other chapters! Gatherings, fun days, picnics, dinner rides or any other activity that other chapters are having. For the chapters that have events where they want other chapters to participate please remember that if you expect other chapters to come to your event you should go to at least one of their events as well, common courtesy goes a long way!

After you are familiar with the program please discuss it with your chapter team and then with the entire chapter. It would be great if we are out and happen to talk to your chapter members and we ask what they think about the program, at least they would be aware of it. Please don't brush this aside, there were lots of hours of planning and discussion used to come up with a program that would include everyone in your chapter. We would like for EVERY chapter to participate in this program.

There are some nice rewards for the chapter at the end of this program next year but the most important one is getting the members out visiting other chapters. In this case absence does not make the heart grow fonder! If you have any questions about the program please contact us, your ADD, or anyone on the District Team, we will be glad to help in any way we can. 
The purpose of the Chapter Visitation Program is, as the name says, to promote visitation between chapters, all chapters in the Alabama District. This program will run from the close of the Alabama District Rally in 2017 until April 1st, 2018. The program will be monitored by the District MEC during this time frame. The Rules of the Program is below.
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  1. Scoring
    The scoring will be similar to the District Plaque Grab. The name and GWRRA number of each chapter member attending, multiplied by the number of miles traveled, will determine total points. A Mapquest form must be printed, listing the most direct mileage from the visiting chapters normal meeting place (chapter gathering place) to the location of the event for the Chapter being visited (does not have to be the visited chapters gathering place).
  2. Covered Area
    The more Chapters you visit the more points you accumulate. For the purposes of this contest, visits to Chapters in all surrounding District’s (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi) will count toward your total. Same rules apply for these visits as all the Alabama chapter visits.
  3. Reports to District MEC
    The manner of the submission (snail mail, electronic mail, ECT.) is at the discretion of the Chapter Director submitting the form. The Chapter Director from the visiting chapter that is submitting the form must sign the form and date it before sending it to the District MEC. Verification that the District MEC received this form will be sent via email to the submitting Director and the District Director. Please submit your Chapter Visit Reports to the District MEC at least quarterly, more often if possible. Quarterly reports of the program will be sent to the District Director for dissemination to all Chapter Directors.
  4. Event
    A Chapter visit can be to any function of the chapter being visited (monthly gathering, dinner ride, fun day, social, ECT.) but it is suggested that the attending chapter check with the chapter being visited to assure that said function is actually occurring.
  5. Bonus Points
    To encourage ALL GWRRA members to participate, all members that attend the visit will count regardless of how they traveled to the event. To encourage bike/trike participation, a bonus of 5 points per bike/trike will be counted for the total of the visit. (After the total points are counted for the visit, add five points per bike/trike to the total and denote each bike/trike with a check mark).
  6. Prize
    The winning Chapter will receive three prizes. First will be the Chapter’s charter fee will be paid for the year. Next, the winning chapter will receive an award designating their winning the contest (plaque, trophy, ECT). Lastly, the winning Chapter will receive a “Special Prize” to be determined by the District Team. Time and location of the presentation will be determined by the District Team.
  7. Score Form
    When a visitation occurs, a member from the visiting chapter submitting the form and a chapter officer from the chapter being visited must sign the form and date it. The form will then be given to the visiting Chapter’s Director. A copy should be made for the visiting chapters file and then submit the original to the District MEC along with the Mapquest form.
  8. Number of Visits
    During this program only two visits to each chapter will count. You can visit any or all chapters as many times as you like but only two visits per chapter can be submitted and will count toward your chapter’s total. Any submission for a visit to any one chapter that occurs more than twice will be discarded.